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Dialogue Fatwa Committee of the National Council for Islamic Religious Affairs Malaysia 2nd time 12 - May 13, 1981 discussed the law and Bands fav. Dialogue has been held as follows:

  1. Singing the lyrics of his good, not porn, not rude and did not lead to sin, not mix of men and women and does not lead to defamation is a must;
  2. If its not a good song lyric, obscene, rude, leads to evil, male and female mix and bring to trial the song that is illegal;
  3. Bands that neglect is haram;
  4. Listen to the singing and the band are his lyrics have provided good, not porn, not rude, not mixed boys and girls in a state of discord, and
  5. Singing to raise the spirit of jihad is a must.

    1. Source (Jakim)